Process Control Engineer

These positions require Level I/II/III instrumentation and process control of heavy manufacturing in a continuous process environment, with metals production ideal and the continuous manufacturing process of paper and calendared plastics acceptable. Also required is an engineering degree, preferably BSEE, Computer Science, or a technically related degree with heavy experience. Must be able to interact with maintenance and project engineering on the troubleshooting, upgrading, process improvement, and installation of controls. Areas of experience would include: Programming skills in C/C++, Fortran, or Assembly languages, ladder logic. PLC's or DCS's, AC/DC, motor controls, power distribution and transformation. Additional experience in data acquisition, MMI support, DEC VAX/ALPHA/VMS hardware/software background is needed.

If you would like to explore the above opportunity please e-mail/fax/mail a resume to:

P.O. Box 283
Harrison City, PA 15636


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